Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Pickins

I get so angry at our government. I see people suffering and unable to afford all the things they NEED let alone want. I watch the cashiers void items from embarrassed customers to get within their budget. I watch young mothers hauling around suitcases of coupons in order to save enough to stretch the week. I see people driving cars with no windows and know that they cannot afford the liability insurance required by law. I see young people joining the military in order to make an income or perhaps an education IF they survive the gamble of their lives. Shame. People scraping by. Sliding past. Anger. Indifference. It is not the poor, disabled or homeless I'm speaking of. It is middle class, everyday working, tax laden backbone of the united states people you grew up with. Will we turn on each other before we demand responsibility from the monsters we have created?  I spend a lot of time watching, paying attention to the suffering around me. I see the changes and so do you. The perfect gift for chirstmas this year is kindness. Buy a lot of it. Spread it around. Don't be selfish. As always, kindness comes with a lifetime guarantee, it will come back to you.